Workshop speakers

Renee Hobbs is an internationally-recognized authority on digital and media literacy education. Through community and global service and as a researcher, teacher, advocate and media professional, Hobbs has worked to advance the quality of digital and media literacy education in the United States and around the world. She is Founder and Director of the Media Education Lab, whose mission is to improve the quality of media literacy education through research and community service.
Mind over Media: project website and platform

Daniela Jaramillo-Dent is an Educator and Teacher Trainer. Her background combines experience as a secondary school teacher, researcher and coordinator, leading curricular change processes in formal and informal educational settings at the international level.  Her current work at Grupo Comunicar as part of the Media in Action project includes finding innovative ways to use digital storytelling to strengthen media literacy in the classroom and creating engaging teacher training workshops to aid teachers in this endeavor.  She is passionate about the inclusion of media literacy in the classroom and in the school community as a whole.
Media in Action: website

Kari Kivinen is the Head of the Lycée franco-finlandais d’Helsinki (Finland) and the former Secretary-General of the European School system. He has 30 years of experience in international education. He has actively promoted and piloted multiliteracy, critical thinking, and citizenship education projects in his school, in close co-operation with the Finnish Fact Checking team and Media Education organisations.
FactBar EDU: website

Maria Leonida is a documentary film director, co-founder and Head of Programmes at Karpos, Centre of Education and Intercultural Communication, Athens. Karpos is a non profit organisation focusing on media literacy. Maria develops, coordinates projects and creates educational materials on media literacy focusing on various creative aspects of the media tools and texts for a range of learners in and outside schools, as well as with minorities and sensitive groups. She has designed, coordinated and implemented workshops for national projects as well as internationally, especially in Germany. Maria trained in filmmaking in London and Denmark. Her documentary work has been screened in Film Festivals and TV channels around Europe.
EMELS: website

Mikko Salo is Faktabaari (FactBar) co-founder, and member of the European Commission’s High-Level Group on Fake News and Online disinformation. In 2014 Mikko founded the many times awarded (Bonnier, Europcom) fact-checking service, to bring accuracy to the election debate. Since then, he has worked with (journalism) schools, media educators, scientists and voluntary crowds for highly pedagogical and engaging Faktabaari and Debattibaari (DebateBar) new media concepts. He is working on extending the proven FaktabaariEDU fact-checking toolkit to empower future voters in Europe for 2019 European elections.
FactBar EDU: website

Quickfire session speakers

Michele Aiello – ZaLab (Italy)
Marije Arentze – DROG (The Netherlands)
Sonja Hernesniemi – The Finnish Society on Media Education (Finland)
Adeline Brion – Lie Detectors (Belgium)
Catharina Bucht – Nordicom (Sweden)
Michelle Cannon – UCL Knowledge Lab, Institute of Education, University of London (United Kingdom)
Elfi De Vos – JEF / More than film (Belgium)
Nebojsa Djeric – European Youth Center of Vojvodina (Serbia)
Maja Dobiasz-Krysiak – Center for Citizenship Education (Poland)
Tijana Femic – Novi Sad School of Journalism (Serbia)
Nicoleta Fotiade – Mediawise Society (Romania)
Lusine Grigoryan – Media Initiatives Center (Armenia)
Igor Kanižaj – Association for Communication and Media Culture (Croatia)
Astrid Leeb – Education Group (Austria)
Bert Pieters – Mediawijs (Belgium)
Louise Poulard – Media Maker / Citizen Press (France)
Sally Reynolds – Media & Learning Association (Belgium)
Christian Seyferth-Zapf – Chair of School Pedagogy, University of Würzburg (Germany)
Anne Tastula – The Finnish Lifelong Learning Foundation (Finland)
Marketa Zezulkova – Charles University (Czech Republic)